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Sounds like you got an earful from some fanatic lately ;). I don't think Japanese fans are that different though. I know plenty of them who are not hesitant at all to weigh in on the general direction of their favorite idol so maybe you just happened to meet all the really insane defensive ones.

Nana's music has been pretty boring and uninspired lately, but we could really just chalk that up to a matter of subjective taste. IMO one of Nana's, or rather her producers at King Records' greatest crimes, that we can even measure objectively, is the one way transformation from once talented singer to mass produced noise machine. The latest albums are lacking in instrumental variety, but most importantly have so much dynamic range compression as to make them completely unlistenable - at least not as "music." At least I still try to buy the BDs, but one of my friends who feel more strongly about it has boycotted Nana completely since 2007.

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